The last one for the night: The Amazing Halo Reach Fusion Assassination! Don’t hate on me for being a pussy, crouching with a sword and whiffing my first swing. :(

What the hell… The March update restricts anyone who hasn’t got all of Reach’s map packs from playing Big Team Battle. That was my favourite playlist you assholes. Now I have to go out and buy £20 worth of Microsoft points or play Invasion for the rest of my days. Fuck this.




Oh 343, you’re shaping up to be quite an arsehole.

If I’m quite honest I am kinda glad, I never EVER get to use the maps that I have paid for in big team games and ESPECIALLY Invasion, I have only ever played Invasion on Breakpoint once.

Yeah it’s not fair on people like you but meh

I’m glad and all the maps, aside from the first map pack are fucking amazing and well worth it.

I’m happy for this. I love the big maps and I hardly ever play them. Good job, 343i. Also, you know why I got the maps? Because 1. I like Halo. And 2. I’m not a little bitch.