Track Title: Snickers Or Reese's (Pick Up The Pieces)

Artist: Direct Hit!

Album: Domesplitter



"Snickers Or Reese’s (Pick Up The Pieces)"

So why can’t we pick up the pieces?

Why can’t just everybody make up?
Take a break til the tension decreases,
Just practice, treat it like a break up?
So can you tell me where the chief of police is?
I don’t wanna go to bed and never wake up, no

You gotta find some way to cut this out
Cause I don’t wanna hear it, never again, not now
My heart beats harder when you’re around
And it’s not a matter of “holier-than-thou”


Track Title: Mutant Drunk

Artist: Direct Hit!

Album: Split w/ Tit Patrol

Nothing gets me more pumped than a song being majority the band shouting the lyrics. Fuck yes.


Who in Chicago wants to see 

Mixtapes/Broadway Calls on Tuesday February 5th


Direct Hit! on Friday February 15th!?

Track Title: Cutesy Monster Man

Artist: Iron Chic

Album: Not Like This

Iron Chic - Cutesy Monster Man (Not Like This)

I wanna smash my face

Into that goddamned radio

And it may seem strange

But these urges come and go

I’m seeing double now

I tell the truth in steroe

I don’t say much

And when I do its not enough

Track Title: Calling old friends

Artist: Defiance Ohio

Album: The Great Depression

Calling Old Friends - Defiance, Ohio

I just want to post this song all the time. It’s so beautiful and relevant.

Track Title: Not Now

Artist: Blink-182

Album: Greatest Hits

blink-182 - Not Now

Track Title: O.R. They?

Artist: Spraynard

Album: Funtitled


Spraynard - O.R. They?

This is one of two bands to ever speak to me so well. Their music and songs just resonate perfectly with my opinions, feelings, struggles and goals. It’s amazing, really.

Track Title: Up All Night

Artist: Blink 182

Album: NEW SINGLE 2011

blink-182 - Up All Night

This song fits my life

my life. goodnight tumblr

my life. goodnight tumblr

Ignorance is bliss, they say.

And I’m a tough mother fucker who can make it through the day.

Track Title: Spooky, Scary

Artist: Spraynard

Album: Funtitled


This song is my life right now. Feeling stuck and helpless, but trying to get myself going so that I can live the life that I dream of having.

This is always my life. Fucking love this song. Love this band. They’re like my new biographers. 

We are holding jesus ransom until you clean up the poopy from your wieners and trust us we see you take your wieners on long walks without picking up their poopy in our yards. This has upset us dearly, so please clean up all the wiener poopy if you want to see jesus unharmed

Ass, gas or grass, Nobody rides for free.

The undisputed kings of pop punk.

Ass, gas or grass, Nobody rides for free.

The undisputed kings of pop punk.